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Professional performance diagnostics and sports consulting for patients

Do you lack strength, energy and especially motivation after a serious heart surgery? You are reluctant to exercise because you quickly lose strength and run out of steam? You are uncertain and anxious about how resilient your heart is now?

Your cardiovascular system, muscles, bones, immune system, and brain benefit from regular exercise and ongoing training! In a short time, your motivation increases, and you feel happy. The risk of heart attack and stroke decreases significantly. Safety in movement sequences reduces the risk of falls and sports injuries.

We help you to build up optimal muscle fitness in coordination with your blood findings and prepare you for an upcoming surgery. After cardiac surgery, we help you regain your motivation and bring back your quality of life and enjoyment of exercise for a more carefree life.

Whether you are a patient, a concerned recreational or professional athlete, we optimize your strength and endurance through our professionally developed training. We combine time-honored gymnastics and training methods with state-of-the-art HRV (heart rate variability) monitoring and neuroathletics training. By fine-tuning targeted targeting of muscles, increasing strength and endurance, and spatial coordination training, we provide increased reflex capacity and prevent sports injuries in high-performance sports or the risk of falls in seniors.

Through us, you regain your safety, speed, and mental fitness and get back to living life to the fullest.

Sports medicine and health

Preparing yourself and your body optimally for an operation. How should you continue after the operation and rehabilitation? We analyze your current physical condition in comparison with your blood findings and optimize muscle fitness and important blood values (blood sugar, blood lipid values) for your upcoming operation, or help to maintain motivation after the operation.

Before and after surgery

You have an “athlete’s heart” with suspected cardiac arrhythmia? A diagnosis of cardiac or valvular insufficiency? Heart valve stenosis? A dilatation of the aorta (aneurysm)? You have had a pacemaker/defibrillator inserted?

With the latest technology, detailed medical history, and diagnostics, we can tailor your workout to help you achieve, maintain, and increase physical fitness at the right level.

Recreational or professional athlete diagnosed with heart disease

With professional sports medicine examinations, such as ECG, cardiopulmonary status, body fat analysis, load ergometry (optionally bicycle or treadmill), lactate level test and laboratory tests, we determine individually tailored training frequency ranges, heart rate variability (HRV), VO2max and performance-limiting thresholds for you. This enables a fine-tuned assessment of sports medical resilience and health for performance-oriented training.

Performance diagnostics

By taking a detailed medical history and including your goals, we will jointly develop an exercise training program tailored to your needs. We consider your past and current illnesses as well as your medication list, find your limits and check your laboratory values. Through targeted exercise, gymnastics, and light endurance training, together we can improve your blood counts, strengthen your circulation and immune system, reduce your medications and help you regain your zest for life.

„Medical“ Training


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Range of services and price list

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, sports medical examinations and clarifications are available on a limited basis. Detailed offers and information are available on request at any time.

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